Write & sell your damn bookThis free email course helps you start your book, finish writing it, & get it out there for other people to read.

Write & Sell Your Damn Book is super short, on purpose. Around 5,000 words total. Ain’t no fluff here, just the meaty bits (which is saying a lot, since I’m vegan). It’s broken into 13 (lucky) tiny missions, with super actionable steps at the end of each one, plus a few additional resources.

This course is now closed. You can get the course content in book form on Amazon.

This course will

  • Take you step by step, from idea to finished book to launch.
  • Cut through your own bullshit and get you writing.
  • Walk you through what to focus on and when.
  • Bring humour, apocalyptic zombies and snark into your life.
  • Give you actionable next steps after each lesson.

This course will not

  • Help you become a better writer (do this by writing more and reading more).
  • Tell you how to sell 100, 1,000 or 10 billion copies of your book, GUARANTEED.
  • Coddle you in any way. Real authors don’t cry, they WRITE about crying (while drinking).
  • Show you how to make a perfect risotto. Obviously that can’t be taught in an online course. Why would you even think that?!?!

Who the hell made this course? This guy.